Metadata are information that helps Slideas to know how it has to render the presentation.

  • Each metadata has to be in its own line.
  • You shouln’t have empty lines between two diffrent metadata lines.
  • Each metadata line is split in 2 parts: the key and the value separated by : example: theme: modern

Slideas uses metadata at two different levels:

At presentation level, before the first slide.

This is where you can specify:

  • The author with author: whoever you want
  • The title with title: whatever you want
  • The theme with theme: name of the selected theme
  • The palet of the theme with palet: name of the palet
  • The size with size: Standard | Wide

  • Most of the layouts support a footer. Footer is built by the concatenation of author + title + page number.

  • If one of the component is not defined, the separator is also removed.

  • By default, if neither the authpr nor the title are defined, only the page number is shown.

At slide level, before its contents

This is where you can inform :

  • The background image with background: path_to_image
  • The transition with transition: slide | none | zoom | fade
  • The layout of the slide with layout: name_of_the_layout