Getting Started with Slideas

This simple tutorial will teach you the basics of Markdown presentations with Slideas. It will guide you through the creation of your first presentation.

Informing theme and other meta data

When creating a new presentation, a new pre-filled document appears. You can change the content of this new file by modifying its template in the application preferences. Because layouts are theme dependent, it is strongly advised to start by informing the theme in your new presentation. Just enter the first letters of its name after the theme: metadata key. A completion popup should appear providing you the list of themes installed in your system.

Adding and removing slides

There are different ways to add or remove slides in a presentation.

  • You can simply add a new slide separator --- in a new line to create a new blank slide. Deleting a slide means to remove the text of the slide in the editor.
  • You can also right click on a slide thumbnail, in the side bar and select the preferred option.

Defining the slide layout

Each slide can have its own layout coming from the theme. You can specify it by setting the following metadata line, at the beginning of the slide. Layout: Cover

Setting a background image

Like the slide layout, you can specify at the slide master data level, the background image of the slide using the Background metadata key. - You can then enter the URL (not the path, it means that it must not contains spaces, …) of the picture. - Note: For metadata, just inform the URL. Do not surround it with the regular markdown syntax for images. - Alternatively, you can drag and drop a picture file from the Finder. - In both cases, because of Sandboxing, you need to allow Slideas to read from the location. If Slideas is not yet granted, it will ask you to do it.

background image in markdown presentation

Adding content to your slide

Try to add headers, bullets, quote and use bold text.

# An example of slide
## Subtitle

- Item 1
- Item 2
- Item 3 with **bold text**

For more information about Markdown, you can use this guide.

Adding a chart

Following Multimarkdown notation, Graphs and diagrams are using the {{}} syntax.

donut graph in markdown

Using SVG icons

SVG icons can be inserted like a regular image. When you start entering the first characters (![](...) Slideas will show you the list available SVG icons. You will just have the select the one you wish.

Example: ![](si_alarm.svg)

SVG icons in markdown presentation

Presenting your first presentation

Once you are satisfied about the result you are getting, you can now move to presentation mode. Here again, you have different options:

  • Go to View -> Present in fullscreen
  • Click on the full screen button of the preview pane.

presenting markdown presentation

You can then use the arrow keys to navigate between slides.

Exporting to PDF

You may want to share your presentation with person not having (yet) Slideas. You can easily export your slides to an pixel perfect PDF. To achieve that result, you can click on the export button. [caption id=“attachment_656” align=“aligncenter” width=“660”]export markdown presentation to pdf export markdown presentation to pdf[/caption]