Frequently Asked Questions


It is recommanded to read Using images in Slideas

What are the image formats supported by Slideas?

  • Slideas support PNG, SVG, Jpeg and GIF formats.
  • If you drag and drop a PDF file, Slideas will use it as a link, not as an image. If you want to use it as an image, juste add a ! before it.

My image is not visible, what happens?

  • Images require an URL, not a path. Hence, you cannot have spaces on it, they need to be escaped (replaced by %20). If you insert your image by drap and drop or with the insert function, it will be done automatically.
  • Make sure that your file is saved. Relative paths only work when the presentation file is saved and hence have a, absolute URL.
  • You may also need to allow Slideas to access to the directory containing the images.