Slideas is a LaTeX Beamer alternative

Slideas is a Deckset Alternative

How Slideas is a Deckset Alternative. Doscover Slideas features and strengths

Even if both Slideas and Deckset are applications for creating Markdown Presentations, they have different philosophies. Editor Slideas provides an integrated editor built for productivity. Cut/Copy/Paste/Insert/Remove slides Auto-completion Presentation properties editor Content Decket Slideas Graphs NO YES Diagrams NO YES Tables YES YES Videos YES YES Math YES YES Code YES YES Fragments YES Coming soon Vector Icons NO YES Footnotes YES YES Themes, Palettes & Layouts Decket Slideas Number of themes available ++ + Open Source Themes NO YES Theme format Custom format HTML, CSS Palettes Yes Yes Multiple layouts Partial YES Theming capabilities YES Unlimited (Powered by CSS & SVG) Platforms and Availability Slideas iOS/iPadOS version is currently being developed and will be available in the coming months.