Slideas 1.0 is available in the Mac App Store

Slideas 1.0 is available

I am proud to announce that Slideas 1.0 is now available in the Mac App Store


Defining the pricing of an application is always a tricky task. We need to find the right balance ensuring the sustainability of the application while being fair with our users.
I see every week, developers moving to the subscription model. As an application maker, this means a recurring revenue and it may be difficult to resist the temptation.
However, as a user, I am definitively not a huge fan of subscriptions when there are not server-side costs involved. The only form of subscription that makes sense for me in that case if subscription for updates. It means that if you stop paying for updates, you keep a working application.
There are several applications in the market already successfully using that model like Sketch or Agenda. Unfortunately, this is not an easy scenario to implement and it would require a significant amount of time to get smoother user experience. I prefer to invest that time to improve Slideas.

Slideas with then be an “old fashioned” one-time payment. It will cost $29.99.


Version 1.0 is a big milestone. However, this is only the beginning of the story.
I started working on the next version that will also be available for iPad OS/iOS (it will be a separate purchase). Besides, new features are also planned for both versions. I have a never-ending to-do list but here are the main ones that will arrive first:

  • Web Export: Ability to export your presentation in HTML/CSS/JS format and to integrate it on your website.
  • Powerpoint Import: The idea is to provide you an easier way to import your existing presentations into Slideas.
  • Fragments: Ability to show a slide by fragments instead of everything at the same time.

Stay tuned!


Agaric is fan of Design, Markdown Minimalism and Efficiency. He makes Slideas.