Slideas Beta 6, Better Dark Mode, more images formats and fixes

An improved Dark Mode

Previous version already had a working Dark mode support but it has been enhanced and fixed in Beta 6:

  • Added Mojave and Catalina system wide Dark Mode support with the ability to override the setting at application level.
  • Fixed incorrect syntax highlighting in the editor.
  • Fixed incorrect colours in Welcome screen.
  • Fixed low contract of slide numbers in Dark mode.

Support for more image formats

In addition to existing bitmap image formats support, this builds:

  • Added support for PDF as image. (only the first page is used, no possibility to navigate between pages)
  • Added support for SVG images

Please refer to documentation for more information.

More PDF export layouts

In addition to the existing A4 and Letter layout:

Added a new PDF export layout without margin. This will make the import of the produces PDF better in web slides sharing sites.

Refactoring of themes

Themes will be open-sourced soon. I made some refactoring to improve their readability.

Other enhancements and fixes

  • Fixed Non working
  • Added the ⌘? Keyboard shortcut for documentation access.
  • Fixed crash when changing slide.


Agaric is fan of Design, Markdown Minimalism and Efficiency. He makes Slideas.