Slideas 1.2beta1: Html Export, new themes, and easier to use

Slideas 1.2: Html Export, new themes, and easier to use.

It took several months to build and polish enough to have a beta. Today I am happy to announce you the availability of the first beta of version 1.2. It contains a lot of your most requested features.

2 New Themes

We want more themes!

I heard from you! In partnership with Zlides we bring to Slideas a brand new theme. This Template uses SVG vector shapes backgrounds

One of the 7 layouts available in Zlides Theme

I also had multiple requests for a simple Slide Template. I then decided to port some of the Reveal.js themes to Slideas. In Slideas it becomes a single template with 3 palettes:

  • White
  • Black
  • Serif

The Reveal Theme in action

Existing Themes have also received some improvements with better paddings and spacing.

Html and TextBundle Export

Html Export

This is the most wanted feature. You asked for it since the first beta of Slideas. You wanted an easy way for exporting your Markdown Slides in HTML. This is now possible. You can export your presentation and all required files:

  • Local images and videos
  • Reveal.js system
  • Theme

You can see examples of the output.


While it is easy to exchange a simple Markdown file, things are becoming more complex when we have several local images in various locations. Slideas can now export in TextBundle Format. When exporting in TextBundle format, Slideas analyses your presentation, and create a bundle containing your Markdown file but also all the referenced local images. This bundle can then be shared easily.

Better image handling

  • Relative paths support: You can choose to use relative paths instead of absolute. This is helpful if you save your images in the same folder as your presentation.
    • Relative image paths are only supported if your presentation in saved on disk.
    • You can choose to continue to use absolute paths in Preferences.
  • Drag and drop: You can now drag and drop images from the Finder into the Slideas.

Easier to use

Based on your amazing feedback

  • Double click on a Slide thumbnail to show the Preview
  • Preview can now be closed like a regular Window
  • You can go from Preview to Presentation Mode by double-clicking in the title bar.
  • Ability to show Presenter Notes in Preview
  • CheatSheet
  • New Keyboard shortcuts to navigate to previous/next slide in the Editor

Presenter Notes Preview

An enhanced design

Design is essential and there were several areas in Slideas requiring some design love. This beta hence has:

  • A Redesigned Titlebar
  • A polished Sidebar

The New Editor Design

I want to test it!

If you already subscribed to the Beta you should have received or receive soon an email with the instructions to get this new version. If you’re not yet in the Beta Program, you can join it just below.


Agaric is fan of Design, Markdown Minimalism and Efficiency. He makes Slideas.