Slideas 1.1 is available: More Themes, Features and bug fixes

Slideas 1.1: Custom themes support, more themes and features

The 1.1 version of Slideas has just been released in the Mac App Store. In addition to bug fixes, this release is focussed on Themes.

A brand new theme: Solarized

  • I got a lot of requests for a dark background theme.
  • This version brings the Solarized Dark theme to answer to this need.
  • It is based on the Solarized Coloraturas Palette by Ethan Schoonover.
  • A light version will follow.

Custom themes support

Version 1.1 now properly support custom themes.

  • Fixed incorrect user themes path
  • Unified themes variables naming convention

All the themes included in Slideas are open source and are available in the Github Repository.

If you want to port an existing theme to Slideas, you can follow this tutorial. It demonstrates the theming capabilities of Slideas with Vector backgrounds, custom fonts, and image effects.


  • Added a button in Theme Manager Window to reveal theme folder in Finder
  • Added shortcut ⌘+D to duplicate current line

Image layout attribute

I added the ability to define images as contain. (They are by default in contain mode)

You can for the contain mode by appending it at the end image url: ![](/my-image.png#contain)

Bug fixes

It also includes fixes for some annoying bugs and improves app stability.

  • Fixed incorrect image paths in the examples
  • Fixed preview not updating when presentation only has one slide
  • Fixed SVG graphs layout
  • Fixed theme archive validation


Agaric is fan of Design, Markdown Minimalism and Efficiency. He makes Slideas.