Moving to Material Design Icons

Next version of Slideas will use Material Design Icons instead of SVG icons. Here are the reasons of that switch.

I recently decided to move from Linea SVG Icons to Material Design Icons. We sometimes make bad decisions when starting a new product and I think this choice was one of them. Hopefully, we are just beginning the beta and it is still easy to change without to have to worry about compatibility with previous versions. Why changing to Material Design Icons? While the final result using Linea is more than acceptable, I was tempted to go further.

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Using Diagrams in a Markdown presentation

Using Diagrams in a Markdown presentation, directly in the Markdown, without third party application

A simple sequence diagram, in Slideas Using Diagrams in a Markdown presentation When creating a presentation, we often need more than simply adding text and images. This is where Powerpoint, with SmartArt (or Keynote or Google Slides), are very convenient. You can directly from the presentation application, create a diagram. I wanted to provide the same experience in Slideas, but taking into account the constraints of a Markdown-based presentation application.

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How to embed a Youtube Video in Markdown presentation

Here is the best way to insert a youtube video in a markdown document with a simple syntax and a lightweight and clean result

A Youtube video rendered in a Slide, in a Slideas presentation Being able to simply add a Youtube Video (or from another similar video platform like Vimeo) in a slide is a must-have. Unfortunately, it is more difficult than we can think. There is no official good way to embed a Youtube Video in a Markdown document. Existing workarounds You have two main ways to add a Youtube Video:

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Introducing Slideas

Introducing Slideas, A new Native Markdown Presentations Editor for Mac OSX.

Introducing Slideas Slides goal is simple: provide the best tool to create perfect Markdown presentations. Here is what is for us, a perfect Markdown presentation editor: It needs to provide a very good typing experience: No lag, immediate feedback, syntax highlighting, completion, snippets, and easy formatting. It has to support all the elements you are expecting to use in a presentation: text, images, Math, diagrams, graphs, videos and more Is smart, for instance, you should not have to worry to find the right font size, the tool should find it in order to have all your contents fitting in the slide.

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