Introducing Slideas

Introducing Slideas

Slides goal is simple: provide the best tool to create perfect Markdown presentations.

Here is what is for us, a perfect Markdown presentation editor:

  • It needs to provide a very good typing experience: No lag, immediate feedback, syntax highlighting, completion, snippets, and easy formatting.
  • It has to support all the elements you are expecting to use in a presentation: text, images, Math, diagrams, graphs, videos and more
  • Is smart, for instance, you should not have to worry to find the right font size, the tool should find it in order to have all your contents fitting in the slide.
  • It has to be the right companion for creating presentations but also for presenting and sharing them.
  • And last but not least, it should be lightweight, easy to learn and to use.

But, it looks like another application called Slidium?

Slidium was a similar application but was suffering from initial technologies choices. It has been discontinued.

Slideas is a new application, built from scratch using state of the art technologies that will allow supporting our product roadmap.

If you are an existing Slidium user, do not worry, we will have something for you when Slideas will be available.

You can already subscribe for the beta

We are still building the MVP but we want to open it for beta testing as soon as possible. If you are interested, do not hesitate to subscribe.


Agaric is fan of Design, Markdown Minimalism and Efficiency. He makes Slideas.