Slideas is the easiest way to create a beautiful Markdown Presentation, with all the features you need.

Slideas Markdown presentations editor for Mac in action
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Version 1.2 | Mac OS 10.14 or newer | 9.4 MB | F.A.Q. | Press Kit

Built-in data visualizations for an efficient communication

When Markdown meets WYSIWYG

  • An enhanced version of Markdown, with an intuitive syntax for charts and graphs
  • See in real time your updated slides as you type.
  • Interact with your presentation as a text file but also as a structured document(slide insertion, deletion, ...)
  • Independent preview window with dual screens support.
Edit your markdown presentation like a Powerpoint or Keynote one

Presentation Themes, Layouts and Palettes

Themes, Palettes & Layouts

  • Slideas comes packed with all-purpose built-in themes. You need something customized? You can duplicate and modify an existing one or create for scratch to make YOUR unique visual identity.
  • Themes are using HTML and CSS, you probably already know how to customize them.
  • Built-in slides transitions. Give more wahou effect to your presentation.
  • Themes can contain differents layouts to fit with each slide contents.
  • Slideas supports Standard and Wide slides sizes.

Presenter Mode

  • Focus on your audience.
  • Current slide, next slide, position in the presentation, all clearly visible.
  • Multiple screens (or projector) support.
  • Structure your speech with presenter notes. Presenter notes can include basic Markdown formating (lists, emphasis,...)
Presenter mode in Markdown presentation


Don’t Just Take OUR Word For It. Look at What Our Users Are Saying…

"Killer App"

My new slides Killer App. Lot of ways to add content. Stop to screenshots that we have to import as image.

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This app is fantastic. Thank you for building such a fluid and easy-to-integrate-with-others piece of software!.



This application is terrific. I started using it daily. [...] It is an excellent application, and it is much better than its competitors.

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Wait, it's not finished...

We wanted to make Markdown Presentations easier than ever so we added all the features you will need to create amazing presentations in minutes.

Math Formulas

KaTex math formulas in markdown presentation Pixel perfect Math Formulas rendering using KaTeX.


Youtuve or local videos support Embed easily local or Youtube Videos in your slides.

Code Syntax Highlighting

Automatic code syntax highlighting Automatic Syntax Highlighting for most languages using Highlight.js.


automatic fit content to slide Stop trying to find the best font size. Let's Slideas doing the boring job.


write faster with auto completion It is often difficult to remember everything. Slideas autocompletion will help you.

Packed with Vector Icons

Automatic code syntax highlighting No need to browse the Internet & to download files. Slideas is fully packed with 1000+ high quality icons from Material Design Icons

Dark Mode

Mojave & Catalina Dark Mode Dark mode support including a dedicated Editor Theme.

Tables Creator

Easiest way to create markdown tables Creating tables in Markdown can be difficult. But this was before using the Table Creator of Slideas.

And even more...

and even more features There is too much for a single page. Browse the Documentation to get more info.