Why Slidium?

Starting the development of a new application is a difficult decision. There is lot of excitation when you are going to create a new tool but you have to stay realistic. It is an important amount of work and you really need to have solid reasons before deciding to go ahead and invest your time and energy.

A need of a new presentation creation workflow

I used to create dozens of presentations every month. Most of them contain code, math or graphs. If you use tools like Powerpoint or Keynote, it can be tricky to get decent code syntax highlighting without wasting too much time. You can for instance highlight individual words and operators or take a screenshot of your code editor and paste it in your presentation. None of these solutions are acceptable if you need to perform these tasks often.

In addition of creating presentations, I moved to a Markdown based writing workflow years ago. It was a major change for me in term of productivity and

Markdown but with super powers

I like Markdown and I wanted to be able to write presentations direct in Markdown. However there are a lot of features of a Powerpoint or a Keynote that wanted to keep: - Ability to simply copy and paste a slide. - Be able to have rich content in a presentation like graphs or diagrams for instance. - Real time preview of current slide and thumbnails of the whole presentation. - Simple and efficient user interface: presenting and exporting should be done in one click.

Also a design tool

I also give lot of attentions to design. Typography elements, subtle colors and gradients