Online Videos

  • Only Youtube videos are supported for the moment. We are planning to add support for more videos plateforms in the near future.
  • Syntax is the same than for images, for instance: ![](
  • We are planning to add more onlines videos providers in the near future.


Local Videos

Again, the syntax is the same than for images: ![autoplay start=20](/Users/Ap/Documents/my_video.mp4)

Supported attributes

You can customize the playback of the videos using the following attributes:

  • autoplay:
  • muted :
  • start=xxx :
  • end=yyy :
  • loop :

Videos formats

Most common videos format are accepted. Formats supported by Slideas are the ones that can also be used by Safari. We however recommend to do not use exotic formats and to keep a reasonable resolution and bitrate.

Videos access

Like images, Slideas needs to have access to the directory where local videos are stored.