Fit in Slide

Fit in Slide is a smart layout algorithm which adapts font sizes and other content dimensions if order to fit all of them in the slide.

The algorithm analyzes the content of your slide and them distribute the available space to the various parts. It will also try to give more priority to the text than other elements in order to keep the slide readable.

While Fit in slide will boost your productivity in the majority of situation, it will not be able to give you the expected result if you want to fit too much content in your slide.

In order to use Fit in Slide, you just need to use a theme and a layout supporting it.

If you are not getting what you want:

  • Try to remove some content from your slide. Presentations are better when one slide has only for one idea or concept.
  • Try a different layout (using columns for instance)
  • You can also see if you content can be presented inside a diagram (a grid for instance)

Fit in Slide in action

Fit is slide is also used to adjust content inside diagrams like grids or sequence.